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10 Traffic Generation Ideas
By Michael Hansen

This article will give you a plan to follow. If you follow it, it will work and you will get lots of traffic.
This is a long article, so you may want to print it out and read it in sections or bookmark this page and come back. If at the end of the article you like what you have read, please refer it to a friend who might benefit from reading it.

The plan is simple so try not to complicate this and try to stay focused. I see so many people who become their worst enemy by getting off track. Just stay consistent and you will see rewards.
I assume you are not already wealthy and do not have a large advertising budget. So, you must create and work a traffic generating plan which does not cost money. This means that you have traded money for time. And that is why you need to be patient. The money is not going to come pouring in overnight. But the good news is it will come.

Lets talk about the plan. There are so many ways to get targeted traffic to your site that if I were to mention all of them here, this article would be in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest article ever written. So, let me just put several in here that will get you started.

You must be willing to spend a little time each day to generate traffic. I did. So did everyone who has ever made money on the internet. By the way, traffic generating is an ongoing process. You must commit about 20 hours a week to this activity.

When it comes to traffic generation techniques, I know them all. I have tried them all. It took several years but I got to all of them and now I just use the ones that work.

I make money from my websites. This month, my income from various internet marketing streams exceeded $ 1,300. Not long ago, when I started out, I couldn't make a single sale. Note also that my sales are increasing because the traffic to my sites is targeted and because the amount of traffic is increasing. Those two elements must be in place.

You do not want visitors to your site who are not interested in your product or service. I don't care if you can buy 1 million hits to your site, if they are not targeted you won't get one sale. Think I'm joking? I read a post on a message board a guy posted. He bought 1 million hits and he actually got no sales. So, keep your visitors targeted.

So, if it is so simple, why aren't more people making money online?
The best answer I can give you is from observation. I see people pick a product to sell and then give up before they have real traffic coming in. Many people spend all day working on their website to make it look just right. Others worry about the name of their business. But, few work on actually driving traffic to their site and those who finally get to it, really don't know very much about how to do it.

Traffic Idea # 1
Your strategy will not be just one activity, but several. Here is a quick and dirty way to get started. Sign up for a service called Traffic Swarm. It's FREE. I have written an article about Traffic Swarm. This article details how Traffic Swarm will bring targeted visitors to your site FREE.
Ok, Traffic Swarm will immediately begin to bring targeted visitors to your site. But you must do more.

Traffic Idea # 2

Jimmy D. Brown, a very successful internet marketer, created this wonderful product and I still can't believe how well it works! The product is such a simple idea but it is such a wonderful product, I think Mr. Brown must be a genius! The product is called Instant Boost. You need to read about the product yourself rather than have me tell you.

Traffic Idea # 3
I have received thousands of hits from message boards. But the important thing to remember about message boards is that you should not try to push or sell your product directly in your posts. Just answer people's questions and help them with their problems. Then when you sign your name, place your url under your name. I have posts on message boards which have been there since the beginning of the year or longer. I still get visitors who read those old posts and they click on my link and visit my site.
I recommend you spend one or two evenings a week to start and post two or three messages on as many boards as you can find. It doesn't matter the subject, but I try to find posts that are read the most. Just write an intelligent answer and people will be curious and click on your link. Don't criticize people of flame them. If you can't answer any posts because you don't know the answers, then create a new post and just ask a question. Your post will still get plenty of eyes and people will still click on your link and visit your site.
Your question will get plenty of attention. People love to be the expert and you will get many responses.

Traffic Generating Idea # 4
Have you ever received a joke in your email from a friend or relative ? What did you do with that email after you read it? I bet you either deleted it, or you forwarded it on to another friend. If your friend thought is was clever, they probably forwarded it to several emails in their address book. And on and on. This is called viral marketing and it is the most powerful tool in internet marketing.
To give you an example of how powerful this can be, about 9 years ago when I first started using the internet, I got an email called the Microsoft letter which was an email explaining that if you forwarded this email then Bill Gates would send you about a $ 1.50 every time you forwarded his email.
The fellow who wrote the letter claimed to have received thousands of dollars already. He urged the reader to forward the email to all of their friends. I didn't take it seriously and deleted it.
But, over the next 5 years, that email reappeared in my inbox at least a dozen times. How many times do you think that email got forwarded over those five years ? Millions of people read that email and I bet it is still being forwarded and read.
So take a good funny joke, and at or near the top put, "Brought to you by". Placing your url into the link.
Then send it out to everyone in your address book. This will get it started. Do that with a new joke once every month.

Traffic Generating Idea # 5
This one will take a little time and practice but it is very powerful and it will generate thousands, even tens of thousand of hits and it is FREE.
You've probably heard this one before. Write short articles and submit them to ezines. Also, submit them to ezine submission sites. I'm not going to go into the details here on how to write the article, how to format it or even how to submit them. There is an excellent ebook that tells you how to do this.
I bought it and read it and I believe it is the best one on the market on this subject. The author writes new articles every week and he has them all over the internet. I am having wonderful results doing this, too. The book is titled, " Turn Words Into Traffic", by Jim Edwards. Click on the link and read about this product.
The price of the book will be nothing compared to the skill and benefit you will receive reading it. I have read my copy several times and I constantly refer back to it for reference. This is a serious piece of writing in my traffic generating arsenal.

Traffic Generating Idea # 6
When I finally learned all of the traffic generating techniques on the internet, one thing I realized right away was that writing was the most powerful technique. So, here is another idea and it also involves writing.
As mentioned above, write short (one page) articles but instead of submitting them to ezines, you are going to post each of them on a separate html webpage. (like this article) Be sure you place a link at the bottom of the article that takes the reader to the product or service or webpage you are promoting.
Finally (and the most important part of this idea) you want to set the meta tags on this webpage so the Google search engine spider will index your article onto the search engine.
Example: I have a website that sells vitamins. To date, I have written seven short articles and linked all of them into an "Articles" link on my vitamin site. Each article is placed on a separate webpage and each article can be found on the Google search engine. The other search engines pick up what's on Google, so my articles are on those search engines too.

Whenever I analyze the incoming traffic on my vitamin website, I can see visitors who have come to the vitamin site by clicking thru the links that I have set at the bottom of my articles. I get a continuous stream of traffic from these articles. It is like they are doorway pages to my vitamin website. Since the articles are about vitamins, those visitors are very targeted.
A hint on the meta tag statement where you place the keywords. I only use one keyword here and it is the entire title of the article. So, if the article title is "How to Determine Which Multi Vitamins Are The Best" then that is the keyword phrase I use.
When the search engine goes to index that article, it will use many different permutations of the title.
Example: Using the title in the paragraph above, I found my article website by searching for the following permutations of the title:

1. How to Determine Which Multi Vitamins Are The Best
2. Which Multi Vitamins Are The Best
3. Best Multi Vitamins
4. Determine Which Multi Vitamins Are The Best
5. Determine How Multi Vitamins Are The Best
I hope you see how if you are creative with your article title, then you can get some good permutations and your article will be found by more people. Also, you can create different titles which will target different audiences.

Traffic Generating Idea #7
Again, this idea is about writing. Look at this website. It is a simple idea. I wanted to share with others, how they can get traffic to their site either FREE or at little cost. Later in this article, I am going to list what NOT to do.

This article is FREE and it helps people. Many will read it. Some will find it directly from a link on my website. While some will find it on the Google search engine. And some still may find it listed on a message board. Some will find a link to it in their inbox as a friend may email it to them. Get my point ?
So, here is idea # 6. Write an article about something helpful to other people and promote the article.
I didn't mention this before, but if you look at the top of this article, just under the title where my name is, you will see that my name is actually a link back to my homepage.

Although I promote different products, I use my homepage as a central point where I have every link for all that I promote. So, anyone finding my website can find all articles, tools, ebooks, free offers, etc.
I want you to think about how much having a homepage helps you with your internet marketing.
Remember in the previous traffic generating idea when I mentioned that I have a website that sells vitamins? Well, if for some reason, the vitamin company I am affiliated with ceased their business operations, then my vitamin website would be worthless and I would no longer promote it.
But my homepage would still have all my links, other products and articles. In other words, my internet marketing strategy would not be interrupted. I would not have to rethink everything.
I would simply find something else to promote. All of my other marketing efforts would still continue to work and my time would not be wasted.

I hope you think more on the benefit of having a home page that is central to all your marketing activity. Visit my page and look at each article and each link. You will see that anywhere my name appears, it is a link back to my homepage. Also, note that each and every page on my home page is indexed up on the search engines.

Even the site map page is indexed. When the search engine spider finds one of my pages, it can follow a link back to my home page, find the site map and from it, be able to find every page linked my homepage.
Finally, by having a link back to my homepage on every website that I have on the internet, people will find their way to the other products that I promote, without my having to produce separate promotional activities for each of them. This saves a lot of time and energy.

Traffic Generation Idea # 8
Find and read material on how to write a press release. One of the best press release sites to post to on the internet is I use as a publicity resource.
My first press release was simply the first article I wrote for my vitamin site. As beginners luck would have it, a major health site liked the press release so they published my article on their site. That meant more traffic to my vitamin site!

There are several other press release sites on the internet. But be careful, some require payment.
Don't forget to send your press release to other media or newspapers. I would suggest you learn more about how to do this. There are certain things you should know when distributing directly to television or other media.

Have you noticed that the most powerful and FREE traffic generating techniques involve writing ?
What NOT to do to generate traffic
Never buy or pay for bulk traffic hits to your site.
Never post on FFA (free for all) sites.
I avoid buying leads but I know people who do this and it seems to work. But it costs money. Why spend money on advertising when there exists very effective and FREE methods of marketing ? Like writing.
Never post on any site which is just a link site or link farm. Doing so will hurt your position on the Google search engine.

Never submit your website to any search engine. Back in time, it was necessary to do this, but now you should let the Google search engine spider find you.
If you submit your site to a search engine, and it happens that your website code is not compatible (for instance, if it has frames), then your site will be blacklisted and removed from the submission process. Trust me on this one.
Never SPAM a message board or email address.
Since this article is about generating traffic, I have not discussed permission marketing. That is simply gathering email addresses with an autoresponder and building a huge mailing list.
This is a viable way to make money too but it is not within the scope of this article.

Traffic Generation Idea # 9

This idea will cost a little money but it is worth it. Have your url placed in the back window of your car or on your bumper. Have your url placed on T-shirts or pens and pencils and give them away.
The T-shirts are a great idea if you have a large family. You can have your kids advertising your url on their T-shirt in the mall or grocery store. These items can be produced at

Traffic Generating Idea # 10
Here is a website which uses a "passive viral marketing technique". All I do is promote this product somewhere and leave it alone. Over time, people sign up and I get more traffic. The best thing is its FREE. Click here, fill out a few lines of info and you will receive your own site. Send an email to your friends asking them to sign up. This will get your Free Viral site started. Place a link to it on your website and then forget about it, people will sign up through your site.

In Summary
I hope you realize that if you just continue to promote your websites with the traffic generating ideas I have listed here, several things will happen. One, you will continue to receive more and more traffic. Two, as your traffic increases, so will your sales.
Set goals each week. Make a list of what you'd like to get done. I spend one or two evenings a week writing short articles. I may spend another evening surfing for credits on Traffic Swarm.
I may spend another evening posting on message boards. But just keep working your plan. Don't get frustrated and don't give up. If you get frustrated, it means that your expectations are not meeting with reality. There is an old saying in India that to eat an elephant, you must do so one bite at a time.
Don't forget to read the article about Traffic Swarm and how it works.
As a Thank You for reading this article, I would like to give you a FREE eBook, titled, "How To Promote ANY Product or Service On A Zero-Budget No Matter Who You Are!"

Good Luck,
Michael Hansen
P.S. - If you like my article, please forward this link to to someone you think would benefit from reading it! Thanks so much. :)
Copyright (c) All rights reserved Michael Hansen





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